My Next Project......The Dining Room

So I'm almost done with the kitchen chairs,  hopefully with be done by the end of the week since I have four more to paint. But I'm going to paint the dining room this weekend coming up. The picture here is the dining room. The chairs I sanded and stained and polyurethane. It was a long projects but well worth it and the best part was picking out my fabric and recovering the cushions. I wanted 2 different blue fabrics and in my hutch ( that my wonderful mother gave me) i have a collection of white, blue and white pottery. I made the curtains my self but now I've decided to paint the walls a light blue and want to do white curtains. We don't get much sunlight in this room. I plan on buying a new light fixture as well. Also if you look in the back round you can see the kitchen cabinets before they were painted this is a older photo since the dining room is technically being used as storage.

This is one of the color's I love from BM its Woodlawn Blue from there historical colors and I love there historical colors.
Here is one picture I found from Wind Lost Blogger ( ) using Woodlawn blue.

This is another picture I found, I forget from who but they also used Woodlawn blue. I think its such a beautiful color.
This is the other fabulous blue shade I love called Wedgewood Gray. The picture is from Pottery Barn.