Some Christmas tree and more

I always enjoy decorating a fresh tree for Christmas. This year we bought a very nice full tree from the local boy scouts. I put the lights on with out help and most of the decorations, I do let the kids put up theirs.
Before adding all the decorations
I made this for our pup

I made this out of a round wood circle from the craft store and scrapbook paper and bows already made with sticky dots on them.

Made the wooden ones a few years ago....can't wait to get some new decorations this year on clearance.

I love these and wish I bought more they were only 3 for a 1.00 at the Christmas Tree store!
I made this from a magazine article....its just scrapbook paper and double sided sticky tape with a stamp in the middle, it does take some time to make.
I found this in our seems old
With the family presents under the tree