Almost ready to paint our Master bathroom

Yesterday I took a huge box from the garage and filled it with pretty much everything in our master bathroom so It would be free of clutter and pictures on the wall. I clean and filled holes and started cutting in with the primer. Tonight I just finished rolling on all the primer. I'm pretty sure I already found the color but my hunny thinks its to dark. I dont. Living in the woods we dont get much sun but I really like this Classic Silver and few other from Behr.
I also like
gentle rain which is one lighter then Classic Silver
 Silver Sage
This is the Wedgewood Gray were doing for our Master bedroom. Which is a Benjamin Moore color. 
 We have a nice size bathroom but its got a whole lot of pink, and gray. We wont put the money to replace the tile or pink hot tub if were not sure how long we will live here, but I need to paint it.
Were going to make a frame for the mirror, and get a new bathroom vanity light.
Ready for all the pink?

Scary I know...But you sometimes have to make things work. So I'm thinking gray to blend maybe? I'm not sure what could make the pink not stand out so much! I need to stop blogging and get to bed. Night.