Chalkboard Canisters

I actually have been working on these for a while it was one of those small projects that took me forever because I am a busy mom, but I got them done, they didn't turn out completely the way I wanted them to but they do what I want them to do. I saw these ones at pier one imports
They weren't even that expensive I just wanted to do it myself because It would be more fun.

I bought these ones
Anchor Hocking 1-Gallon Heritage Hill Jar with Glass Lid
but this is from amazon and they were cheaper at walmart like 6 bucks
I had a 50% of coupon for A.C Moores and bought the spray paint for around 3 bucks and already had paint and frog tape. I had a hard time looking for the etching cream but michaels arts and crafts had and its not cheap, but I had a coupon for there as well. 
here is the finished product

I wanted them to be different, I'm not sure why but I should of kept them all the same, oh well. You have to apply etching cream so the paint will stick to the jars, it gives it like a frosty look. I taped of rectangle shapes with the tape and applied the cream and you rinse it off quickly after. I messed up on that, you have to apply a lot! Then I used tape again and covered the jars with newspaper I just wrapped it around and used a lot of tape. Then I sprayed with the chalkboard paint and did about 3 coats because I'm not a good spray painter, I prefer hand painting I'm great at that. Then after a week or so I finally added detail. I did a simple boarder with white paint on one and a boarder with a design on another, a straight line with loops, not really what i was going for but oh well, and I did a stencil on the last. I finally accepted I'm not perfect and that I could always try again but I think I like how they all turned out looking different and messy. I enjoy looking at them everyday now. I'll post the chalkboard frame I made later. What do you think? Have you wanted to try a project and messed up on it and decided you liked it later?

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