I finally finished the slipcover!

Okay so this only took me along time because yup I'm blaming the puppy...Zoey just takes so much of my time I always get distracted by her cuteness, and of course our wonderful boys keep me very busy. I did finish the slipcover last night that I made out of drop cloth yes a drop cloth. I got the inspiration to use this material by Miss Mustard Seed's tutorial on how to do so. She made one for a parson's chair just like the one I have with very ugly fabric on it. I have to say it wasn't easy at first, I had to get comfortable with this material. It was difficult to sew because of the thickness, but I managed and went threw a few needles. You need heavy duty thread and needles and take you time if you want to do this as well. I have not iron yet so its a little wrinkly but i did wash it and let it soak in bleach for a day. That helps make it a little lighter. I have not taken a picture of this chair without the slipcover yet, I will. 
Please dont look at the mess, I'm organizing my room and decluttering to start painting on primer in my bathroom. So with the slipcover I went and bought the drop cloth at Home Depot and make sure you dont get the one with canvas and plastic backing you dont want that. I wanted detail so I did the piping but didn't want to by it at the fabric store so I bought some good rope and it cost little and cut the fabric in a long strip and rolled it over the rope and used pins to secure. Then sewed with my lovely sewing machine. I messed up a few times its bound to happen.
I now wish I did pleats but didn't. I'm not sure how to. I did the ruffle thing and it looks ok, I will iron it when I have some time, and see if that helps. I think I might need to shorten the bottom, I need to buy more thread. Remember this is my first time. 

I wanted to get this done quick so I basically started cutting and pinning, I think for my next slipcover for the big over sized chair in our living room I will take my time. I want to do pleats so I will learn how and hopefully will start that sometime soon. Bought the drop cloth today! Let me know what you think and if you would want to try it? Also I found this great blog pink and polka dot she does amazing slipcovers the easy way, so glad I found her blog and thanks to Isabella and Max room's article on her slipcovers I'm inspired again because I was a little afraid to do it again, but I will now!