Our bedroom needs to get madeover again....so many projects

When we first moved in our room we were going to get new carpet put in...yes no green carpet in our room...our walk in closet yes its there but that's ok for now. So we decided to paint the room and bathroom the same color before the carpet was put in. Now I regret the color choice and fell in love with a blue gray color Wedgewood Gray by Benjamin Moore.

I also like this blue
Palladian Blue by BM
I know I want a blue with gray undertones or gray with blue undertones. Its yellow in our room and did you know they say its the worst color to paint in a bedroom? I know its worst color we painted in our room also the wall needs to be fixed. Our bathroom is also the same color and it has gray and pink yes pink tile around the pink hot tub and shower. I need a color to make the pink not look so pink. I was thinking gray or white.What goes with gray and pink tiles? Well I'll take some photos and post them so you can our room and bathroom look like.