Updateing some pictures in the same picture frames is easy

It took me a long time to hang pictures up in the living room by the TV and I wanted to do a collage and added prints and now I had to change them, I decided to do neutral colors and fun pictures of the kids and our family portrait. 
I have 2 more frames to add and the shelf is only there temporarily until the tree is gone.
I used leftover fabric and scrapbook paper.

I couldn't get a good picture of this without the shine but my sister Kim drew this, its a picture of my parents house.
This is a piece of 4 by 5 scrapbook paper i picked up at the craft store it came in a book of black and white designs.

I had these almost shadow boxes with a small picture in them I bought cheap at the Christmas tree shop along time ago and took of the back and added fabric with spray adhesive and made these flowers out of card stock and made a easy picture. I have a few more to make on the other wall along with changing the other pictures again the tree is in the way lol it needs to go this weekend.
this is the only picture I changed for the other side of the wall, its a piece of card stock I found at Michale's arts and crafts.
This is the only before picture. You can easily make your own artwork using scrapbook paper there is so much variety of designs at the craft stores. I use a ruler and draw the line were I want it cut and frog tape to hold in place  it does a pretty good job without ripping the paper is you decide to change it.