Birds and branches painting

Okay so for a while now I had these two paintings I picked up for cheap and they were only from the Christmas tree shop and for some reason I liked them? I'm not sure but once they were up I didn't like them at all. The frame was a gold color and I sanded them, primed and painted with the antique white paint i had and then sanded them in some areas and applied antique glaze. I thought I'd like them better but it was the paintings and the colors it just wasn't my style. I thought about painting some birds and a design and I had already printed out birds on cardstock to make stencil on a wooden bin. So one day I was checking out blogs and came across Corner house's family portrait and loved it and so I finally got started on mine.

The finished look
A coat of primer, already had the blue (aqua smoke) paint sample from Home Depot and craft paints.

I didn't even take the paintings off the wall, It was so much easier leaving them up. I used a pencil and drew out by freehand for the branches. Then I painted the branches with two different small size brushes. I thought of using a gray color for the branches and then decided I didn't like it so I went over it with brown craft paint. I used the white for the birds. Its hard to take a photo with the flash because it makes it harder to see the birds but I like how it came out, I was thinking about doing more branches but I think I'll keep it the way it is.
I printed two bird stencils I found on Google image's search and cut it out and drew around it on the painting and the bird on the bottom I drew my self.

I didn't even sand the painting down first, I like the texture it had from the original painting.

It only took me a few hours to do and it was fun and I love the outcome......would you do this? Paint over a old painting to make it something new?

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