d.i.y Bird wall art

After Christmas I went to target and found these cute little birds.
Its a off white color I also got a tan one, and they were about .29 cents each. 
I had these frames in the basement (along with a bunch of more stuff) and primed and painted them antique white.
They were perfect for what I wanted.
I wanted a design and found this, i printed it onto cardstock and cut the shape out and traced it on the frame, I used a dark brown deco art paint. 
This is what you need to hold the bird (or whatever you want to hang) in the frame, I wanted you to see the size and I got so anxious I cut the top off without thinking. They are tiny.
You need one of these, thanks to my hubby he got it for me for Christmas. Now I dont need to steal his!
Next, you match up the drill bit to the hook and eye
I use the leveler to make sure i was placing it in the middle.
Then drill the hole and screw in the hook and eye
I used a thin gray ribbon I had around the house and not sure if I want to use fishing line instead. I placed a piece of light blue cardstock in the back, but you dont have to use any. I'm planning on hanging this on a wall somewhere in the house but for now its sitting on a shelf. If we build our built ins in the living room soon I might just place in on there.
I would like to do this again but with something different, maybe not as wide as these birds are but I like how it came out, and you can easily make this. 
What would you use?

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