I'm painting the kitchen table

I just finished my second coat of polly on the table about a hour ago. I wish I didn't need it , because it already has a yellow tint to it but its what my man brought me.

The color I went with is Stonington gray by Benjamin Moore.

I thought it would be darker, but it actually looks like a pale blue, I guess will see how it turns out so here is some pictures of it so far
Plus with added yellowness

I wish I didn't paint the chairs black, I would of just stained the table a darker hue, it was so easy to sand the table with the power sander of course.
One of these days I'd love to have a plank farmers table.

It looks lighter in these pictures

I love wood grain

The lighter color does make the kitchen lighter, also I already painted one stool in a aqua smoke by behr, will see how it goes in the kitchen, otherwise I might have to repaint the island. The red just wasn't doing it for me anymore, and that's why I love paint!

The table should be done in a few more days, I will post it when complete