My Kitchen Stools and a pendant light

Hello to all....I wanted to share my freshly painted stools but I'll tell you why I painted them....again
A while ago I had painted my stools a red, before I painted the cabinets and made the Island counter top. I really started to dislike them and wanted to buy these stools from Ikea

ahhh the Dalfred Stool I really wanted to get these and for $39.99 a stool is a great price but unfortunately they do not sell them at the Ikea in Massachusetts. They do how ever sell them in Connecticut which is about a 2 1/2 hour drive, and I would drive there just to get them but there's nothing wrong with the stools i own for now anyway.

they were this color before

and now they are this color

In this photo they look whiter but its a aqua color called aqua smoke by behr and I really like the color It also goes with the dry sage paint on the Island.

this is a better picture of the color
These stools are beat up and I like them that way, it almost looks like a dog chewed on the leg's.

I sanded some areas on it for the red to peep through

I like the blues lately, it makes the kitchen so much brighter and its really the only room in our house to get a lot of sun

Ok on to the new pendant light in our kitchen sink area
I found a 

Portfolio  Recessed Can Pendant Adaptor 


It was $20 for the kit and I didn't want a glass shade that they want you to buy with it so I looked around and found a regular pendant kit for hardwired and the shade that came with it was what I was looking for and it was on clearance for $7.00! So I brought it home and I put it up all I needed to make sure the shade fit was a bigger ring to tighten the shade and a Lowes employee gave me one. I also now have the hardwired pendant kit I might use in the laundry room.

 This is what it looks like

 Simple crisp white shade, also it only uses a 60wtt bulb but it is enough light for over the sink.

If you have recessed lighting you could do this to