My mudroom and new curtains for pantry area

 A few weeks ago I went to target looking for a shower tension rod, and was lucky to find one on clearance for $2.58 and that's why I love that place.  I have this pantry/storage area in our mudroom/garage entry way and we could put doors but that would cost money so I thought curtains for a while but wasn't sure until I saw tons of shower curtains on sale at Target. I picked up these pretty bright shower curtains for $3.50 each. I got the shower curtain rings for $1.50

I love the colors and how they pop, its dark in our mudroom so we need bright and fun
this is the tension rod and rings, the rings are copper and I like them so now I need to figure out how to make the tension rod they make paint that looks like copper?
I think I will need to make new curtains for the window
Here is view of the new shoe rack from Ikea and the curtains, we have more space now and no sneakers out for the puppy! The boots however are in the pantry/storage area that's why I kept the curtain from being to close the bottom. I might add some fabric to the ends someday
here is the other side, my hubby brought home the cabinets from a job and we put the hooks under for the coats and backpacks. We also had leftover hardwood flooring and beadboard , so we placed the hardwood flooring for the seat on the bench and I bought those seat cushions for something else and had them laying around. I'm planning on making a custom cushion to fit the bench more.The mudroom needs a lot of repair work, theirs a lot of cracks and it needs a paint job. Always a new project

In the cabinets I store extra paper towels and office stuff. I bought the storage cubes at target and the magazine holders have the kids important papers and the puppy vet stuff. The folders hold pictures, I bought those at Ikea.

I bought the light and stool from Ikea and I'm going to use a pretty light green stain I bought in the opps paint section at home depot for a $1.00. The light is great for when were on the computer and don't want all the mudroom lights on. 

This is the built in my hubby made a few years ago, its next to bench, it was the only place in the house that we could fit the computer. But its perfect and he did a great job! I'd like to make a spot under neath to hold the computer so its not just sitting on the floor.

This is one of my favorite finds.....and I found it in our back woods. I painted it with leftover red paint from the kitchen stools. 
I love free stuff