Ottoman slipcover

This is my second slipcover I've made and I think I've enjoyed this one because it was easy, except I wanted to do pleats and did them wrong, and messed up a few times on keeping it straight. 0verall i like how it turned out. I went to a Walmart over in RI, I'm about 20 min away from the line where i live and they still have fabric in that one and found a white and off white cotton fabric that's thick and machine washable. I can't remember the name but it was near the duck fabric. It was very easy to work with and I'd use it again. I have this small ottoman I keep under the secretary desk and its in a brown fabric and I dont like the brown and I could have reupholster it because it came apart easy but I wanted to do a slipcover instead.

here is what it looks like the fabric anyways

and now
I wanted to show the leggs off a little, also this fabric is soft. I wish they made it wider I'd use it for my sofa.

I did piping around the top and I made it myself with the fabric and rope I bought from Home Depot. I didn't iron the fabric, I get lazy sometimes.

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