Our Laundry room

Our Laundry room...needs a redo soon
We have a small laundry room but I wont complain because its on the first floor, I wanted to share photos of the room because eventually I will put a coat of paint on the walls and maybe add some more shelving and make it more organized. 

This is what it looks like when you walk in
The dryer sticks out a little bit

I have these cabinets with no doors on each side on the top of the washer and laundry machines. They always get clutter so I made these curtains for them and used the curtains rod I previously bought for the dining room but they were to small for the curtains. 
I didn't have enough fabric to make two panels for each.

Theirs space in between and I would like to have another shelf so I could fit the laundry baskets were I put the kids folded clothes.

The inside
This is my neater side, and I painted the inside with sample paint I had not to long ago to brighten it up.

Dont mind the mess I know I should of clean it off first but these are the best, the drying racks came from Ikea and I can hang a lot to dry, I like to let my clothes hang dry.
My kitchen rug is in here until I finish the table.

I use sorting baskets for dark's, whites and colors. I'd like to get nicer ones.

and a coat rack to hang the broom, mop and etc..

Here are some laundry rooms I like

decor pad
If I had the space I would do this, I could wash a lot of clothes and hang out 

country living

I love this green color with the white and bit of red

decor pad

I wish we had front loaders but unfortunately there's nothing wrong with our washing machine and dryer

decor pad

 I love chandeliers in a laundry room

decor pad

I like the set up of this laundry room, I wish we had windows in ours.

country living 

The floors and the stenciled ceiling is my favorite part in this laundry room

decor pad

This is a bright and colorful laundry room

I'm going to make up some plans on how I want our laundry room, keeping it simple and cheap of course. 
Do you like your laundry room?