Shelf redo

A while ago I bought this shelf and had it up by the tub in our master bathroom. I paid $5 for it at HomeGoods and I liked the sail boats that were carved in the shelf, but with our makeover for our bathroom it wasn't going to fit in.

this is what the back side looks like, I forgot to get a picture of the front and already started the redo

 I went to the local craft store and found this really thin birch wood, at $8.99 for a small sheet it was expensive but I had a coupon.
I basically took some measurements and drew marking on the sheet of wood, then cut with scissors. I started out with my nice knife set but it was easier to cut with the scissors.
Then I smoothed the edges with sandpaper. I used spray adhesive to stick the wood onto the shelf. Then I filled the edges with wood filler. I sanded and primed and painted with a white sample paint.
Then with a design I printed onto cardstock, I cut out the shaped and traced it onto the shelf, just like with my other shelf here. I used a light blue paitn again, but much lighter to trace the outline.

and here it is

no more sail boats

Its perfect to hang the hand towel, instead of putting up a towel ring
I'm not sure what I'm keeping up here for decorations yet, the candle holder seems out of place
I found all three items at Michael's arts and crafts at 40% off

The towel I picked up at Target for $1

I'm going to post pictures on the bathroom vanity later today or tomorrow, I'm done with the master bathroom, I have a few things to do in the water closet and I'll be completely done!

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