Another Slipcover......

Yes I finished it! This one was easy compared to the over-sized chair I did here....the fabric was not drop cloth so that helped, so I used the same fabric I used on the ottoman here which I love because its machine washable, soft and cheap.

Here is the chair

I'm not to sure if many folks out there would slipcover a wood chair with caning, but I don't want to paint it and I thought if I slipcover this chair it might look like a upholstered chair. This was also given to us my my other half's grandmother so I felt like I should leave it the way it is.

I bought 5 yards of material and layered it over the chair to figure out how I'd cover it since its rounded in the back.

What I did was cut out the fabric for the seat and pinned that to the fabric for front and back for one piece. After I sewed those together I turned the chair around and pulled the middle tight and pinned, and then did the same for back right and left side so it made three lines. I hope this makes sense. 

See how I have three lines (seams)? This helped make the fabric tight. You can also see its a little uneven and a thread is hanging, I haven't cut all those yet.

I did the pleating correct this time and the cushion cover came out great without problems, even the zipper is perfect. I think I'm getting better at slipcovers the more I make them.

here is the front

Its a raining day out here so the pictures are dark today. 
I made the slipcover short to show off those beautiful legs

Side shot

and here are my....I took the time to set these up for a photo shoot pictures

Lots of tucking for the arms

This chair sits next to our temporary book shelf for a reading spot
All I need is a smaller pillow with a neat design to add to the chair.
Now I can love this chair even more.......maybe I can start thinking about slip covering my chaise lounge? Then working up to the sectional?

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