Easy Paper Banner Tutorial

I made this cute Birthday Banner for the birthday parties we just had. I kept it simple and just had it said " Happy B-Day". I love banners for events and they are easy to create.This is a easy project and not time consuming.

What you will need

  1. Cardstock white or whatever color you want
  2. paper with a cute design like scrapbook paper
  3. stamps,stencils or write the letters yourself
  4. paint or ink
  5. glue
  6. ribbon
  7. hole punch
  8. craft scissors
  9. pencil

A ruler is helpful as well.

You start with a piece of cardstock
use a ruler and pencil to make your point in the middle and draw you lines up to make a triangle shape

then cut it out, I used my first triangle to trace on the other sheets of cardstock i needed, this makes it easier. 

I used craft paint, I just spread it on the paper plate so its not to thick.

 I found these big foam alphabet stamps on clearance for $1.97 at Joann's Fabric.
I press it onto the paint and stamp it on left over paper first so when I apply it to my triangle it wont be to thick with paint. This also makes it look distressed. 

 Once your done stamping you just let it dry and start cutting your cute paper with craft scissors, I used a pair with a wave effect.
I didn't measure but I just cut about a inch wide strip with one side flat and the other with the craft scissors.

Then glued it to the top of the triangle
 Them trim of the corners.

I didn't take pictures of this but all you need to do is punch holes on each end of the top of the triangle and pull ribbon through and hang it up!

Like this

My middle triangle is just the design scrapbook paper I used and I drew a star and cut it out and glued it to the middle of it, the triangle next to the b has a circle on it, which I cut out with the wavy scissors. The banner  fit perfectly for this spot over the hall table were I was going to put snacks for the party but they never made it there. 

Let me know if you make a paper banner or send me a link!