I painted a rug

{update} I washed it!

Lately I have been seeing a lot of blogs with them painting rugs, this one I really liked http://baltares.blogspot.com/2010/11/diy-painted-rug.html, it came out really good and I think its a fantastic idea. Rugs cost alot of money these days, ones with designs anyway. You can go to Ikea and get plain rugs for cheap. She painted on sisal which they soak the paint well. Cotton rugs you can use fabric paint and they come in a lot of colors these days.I didn't use fabric paint like I should have for the rug I painted, its 100% cotton and I only payed $5 for it so If it doesn't hold up well then its no big deal. 

Here is the rug I bought
I washed and dried it and it did shrink a little bit.

Here it is completed

Here is how I did it
I used this stencil I created to do my wc shelf makeover, except I copied it onto the cardboard instead of using cardstock.  I used pen, I tried pencil and a marker but the pen worked the best. I started in the center and traced around the stencil.

I did this on top of the washer and dryer, this way I can keep my eyes on the kids as well.

Then I used a small brush to trace the pen lines with Stonington gray by BM
You have to dab it in to make sure it soaks up the paint
Then I took a thicker brush and dab over the lines to make it thicker and keep it the lines the same size

It did take some time, but I have to stop in between to tend to the kids and pup.

The next day I did a coat of polyurethane, then I let that dry overnight and did another one the next day and I let it sit for a free days to really dry.  I'm not sure if you would seal it using fabric paint. Anyone can do this, you can do any design, stencils, or freehand

And thats it
Now its more interesting to look at, lets hope it holds up well.
I would like to try this again but on a bigger rug.
Will you try this?



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