Kitchen Roman Shade

I finished the roman shade for our kitchen window over the sink last night, so I let it sit all night to completely dry and after the kids went to school this morning I took my tools out and put the hardware in and here it is

With a mini blind taken apart and fabric glue you can do this. The only thing is I like to buy them from Lowes and this one I bought from Walmart and its been a pain to roll up and down. That is why it looks uneven in the photo. I love making these, did you know it can cost around $150 or more for a custom fabric roman shade? I spent less then $20.

When I first saw this fabric I wasn't sure about it so I didn't buy it and then I kept picturing it in the kitchen for a few weeks so I'm glad I decided on it. I was going to look for fabric with geometrical pattern but I kept thinking about this one. 
I wanted to make a tutorial on making this but I forgot about it half way through. I'm going to make one for the boys bathroom soon. 

up close


See my front yard? Its all woods.

 The Kitchen is the only room in the house that gets a lot of light through out the day and I wanted to make sure I didn't cover the window to much, so this works perfectly.
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Other Stuff-
I bought this pedestal table a while back at Savers to use in our living room for playing games and I finally got it downstairs in the workshop and started sanding and stripping it. I know I should of taken a picture but I'll make sure I do before I do paint or stain. 

I went to Home Depot today to get a few things and found a gallon of this pretty bright blue primer in one for $5 and a light green in a quart for $1 I love there oops paint.
Other then that I did some things in the laundry room and that's about it. 

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the table
Have a great night!

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