Master Bedroom updates

I'm really getting excited on doing our master bedroom but we had a big set back....well its not that big but when is it going to get fixed? When ever my man has time to do it I guess, its not something I'd tackle. 

This is what happens when a ice dam builds up

It first started with my curtain rod falling out a week before the leak until this gets fixed I can't do much around our room. 

I did start a design board for fun a week ago on Google's Picasa 3

This is just a idea, the furniture are ideas towards what I'm looking for.
1. a bead board bed, which we are only having a headboard
2. light blue lamps, but also like glass lamps
3. we might make our own nightstands, I'd like 3 drawers, or 1 with doors
4. love the yellow zigzag for a rug 
5. a nice white slip covered chair
6. gray paint for the walls
7. a hint of light blue for curtains
8. white dresser with black hardware
9. now for desk options, I'd love to build a sawhorse desk, or paint the one I own a blue shade
10. this is our quilt, by dwell studio for Target
11. I already own a chair like this with a slipcover in the same color
12. the other option desk.

So the colors for the room that I want are light blue, gray and a hint of yellow

What do you think of my design board? Have any suggestions? I can't wait till I can start painting.....once the roof is fixed.