Paper Fan Banner turn to art

I love making things out of paper, its cheap and easy to work with. I also enjoy looking at all the fabulous prints and designs they have out. Most of the scrapbook paper I got recently for 7 pieces for a $1, clearance at Michaels Arts and Crafts. I do also have to much sitting around but I'm a collector.....or I just buy too much.
About a month ago I found this great tutorial on paper fan banner at My Girlish Whim's blog you can fin the post on the paper fan banner here. I absolutely fell in love when I saw them and had to start making them right away! I did but because I had a million other things to do it took me a while to finish. I ended up making them hang like a banner but now like to call them artwork on my wall above the fireplace. I was planning on making the banner for the parties but there too much fun to take down. 

So make sure you check out her blog to find out on how to make them.

Here are mine

I even made tiny ones to cover the tacks holding the ribbon up.

I can picture making these and applying sticks and having them in hang in vases. I might just go and do that.