The tall cabinet is done

Once I brought this upstairs it was very difficult to get a good shot....its night time and I couldn't lean it up against the wall to were its going to stay to get a picture because of no space. 
This is our water closet in our master bathroom.


This is the tall but not wide cabinet/shelf my mother gave me a long time ago and it was just sitting in the kids hall collecting dust and not being used.

here it is waiting to be brought down to the workshop
with newspapers stuffed in it and the door was broken off by the kiddies
This piece needed to have the back attached with new nails and the door had to be fixed. Then I painted two coats of a white $3.99 Benjamin Moore oops paint that I picked up with my sister the other day.

I secretly like a little bit of pink so I had some cute flower scrapbook paper I picked up for cheap and Mod Podge it onto the door and painted around it with a blue paint. Then finished it off with a few coats of Mod Podge to seal it. 

I haven't decided on what I'm going to put on the shelves for decorations, I'm planning on keeping it neat and simple....less is more and I'm trying to get rid of a lot of clutter these days.

here it is completed in the workshop

The door doesn't shut all the way and it never did, it had a latch but that went missing a long time ago....not sure what I will do about that.

I filled all the holes so I had to drill new ones for the hardware. 
My handy power drill
I decided to use the original point in getting new when these ones were perfectly fine.

This is were its going to stay, and although it looks like I have it up against the window its not but it fits well here.

See my mirror to the right? 
I madeover that as well, I dont have a before picture because I must of forgotten to take one but its from the Christmas Tree Shops and it had some sayings all over it so I painted that a gray blue and stenciled french words and distressed it. 

Here is a cute little picture frame with a mirror around it I picked this up at Target for $2

I placed a piece of scrap scrapbook paper for a picture. 

So that's the cabinet.....after a long time sitting in the basement its finally done. I would like to accomplish much more this week but with my sons party on Saturday and our family party on Sunday I'm going to be busy getting everything put together so I wont have much time to work on furniture. I'm sure your wondering were that pedestal table is and why I haven't finished it....well its almost done, I just need to paste wax the pedestal and let it dry and I'm still looking for seating for it. 

Here is a little peak of what I've done today with that simple table I'm going to use for the living room for a side table like I said here
You'll have to wait till I finish to see more

Have a goodnight!

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