Tissue Paper balls and a free dresser

I while back I found a this blog our everyday art and she posted a tutorial on how to make tissue paper balls and I thought that seems fun and easy, all you need is tissue paper ( in any color of your choice) stapler, ribbon and scissors.

They really do make a cute decoration for everyday cuteness or a party.
I used white tissue paper, silver ribbon from lefter over on Christmas, and tacks to hang it. They are so adorable.

I also found this blog two little bells who made tissue paper carnation pom monograms...very cute

I've been working on paper fan decorations that I saw on this blog My girlish whims paper fan banner tutorial....I just had to do it when I saw hers....check out her blog shes a very stylish blogger.

I also want to share my new free dresser my favorite guy picked up for me

My phone doesn't take the best quality photo but isn't this just a beautiful dresser? My favorite part is the hardware, and they are all there. There is a few scratches and the top needs to be redone. Can you believe they were going to throw this in the trash? I now have 5 dressers in the workshop, I have one in mind for our bedroom. What shall I do with this one?

Well I seriously need to get in gear and work on that slipcover I've procrastinated enough.....have a excellent day!