Weekend Updates

How was everyone's weekend? 
Mine was busy with birthday parties. But thanks to my sister Liz who helped me for both parties! I don't know what I would have done with out her. 

Saturday I had my son Tyler's bowling party, we kept the guest list down to a small amount and even with not to many it was still loud and crazy. We started off with bowling for a hour and well since the kids are ages 6-7 they got bored towards the end. Then we went into the party room and did the cake and ice cream. After they got sugar high we opened presents then it was over. It was a lot of fun, It does make me want to go bowling with the family soon. In the party room you couldn't put any decorations up on the walls and could not have snacks, they want you to buy pizza from them but we did the party at 2pm so I skipped on it. I did make a cute banner out of paper and paint and will post a easy tutorial on that this week, I also did big goodie bags in recycled brown paper bags with cute name tags.
Oh and on my way there....we were 5 minutes late and I spotted a buffet/bar type piece of furniture with a free sign and my friend who was driving his truck to come help us with the part picked it up for my sister and I...I will post pictures of that to see if anyone knows exactly what it is.

Today we had a family party to celebrate Tyler and the bigger boy 10th birthday with the family. I decided to do a deli platter and cheese plate for sandwiches they could make themselves and my sister and I rolled up all the deli meat and she did the cheese and sliced up tomato and other stuff...she also helped clean the house and I seriously appreciate her so much! 
Both parties were a success and no more birthday's until August.

I did get to enjoy showing of my work and workshop to my dad hes into all of that I know its were I get my creativeness from.....I get my shopping skills from my mom.

So my weekend went great and I'm looking forward to working on a few projects tomorrow...mainly the one with the fabric I picked up the other weekend and baking apple pie.

here is a sneak peak of the fabric
 fun print isn't it?