Chair to Stool Creation

Since I couldn't find stools that I loved enough to purchase or get for a good price I decided to use my creativeness and come up with something else. 

Sitting out side in the wood pile were these typical chairs that were probably going to end up getting I saved them and took out my handy sawzall and started cutting away.

Then took my electric sander and smoothed the top.

Picked up some foam and fell in love with this fabric from Ikea, which happen to be on sale for $1.99 a yard.

Used some red oops paint by BM I bought for $3.99 for a quart

Then dry brushed a blue/gray oops paint that I bought from the Depot for $1 and they now look like this

I bought these at Lowes for $1.24 a box

I still need to do one more stool, it takes up a lot of time putting these in.

I love how the red seeps through

To get this look I first put a coat of primer on, and sanded it to be smoothed, then I painted one coat of the red paint. Once that dried I applied a good coat of the blue/gray paint going over the red but more of a dry bush technique.

I couldn't believe the fabric was only a $1.99 a yard, It was $6. So I cut myself 3 yards. At Ikea you get to cut your own fabric.
I love the birds and the colors. The foam I picked up at Joann's for %50 off. 
I used a electric staple gun.

I've been wanting to use the furniture tacks I had so I thought it would be perfect with these stools, although I ran out of them fast so had to make another trip to Lowes and bought 6 more packs. I might even need one more. It took about 4 for one stool.

I'm glad to turn these chairs into stools, they have bigger seats then your average stool so they are extremely comfortable.

I'm thinking one more chair or stool, not sure...what do you think?

What you need

  1. Chairs that the back is attached to the seat
  2. sawzall
  3. sander
  4. paint
  5. foam cushion
  6. fabric
  7. decorative tacks
  8. hammer
  9. nail gun

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