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Pallet Sofa Table: Done

I'm finished with my pallet sofa table! I might not be that great at writing tutorials but I'm going to try my hardest at explaining, always feel free to email me for questions if needed
It would look a lot better with out the hideous  carpet...pretend its not there okay? I just remind myself someday hardwood floors, wide planks....okay so on with how I made this table.

Also it rained again today so the photos might be a little dark.

I made mine 47 inches long and 25 inches tall with legs.

I used 3 boards from a pallet, we have a bunch of them sitting around and I couldn't help myself I needed a table behind my sofa and I needed it to be the right height,width and length.

 It all depends on what size you want, if you want to make one.

Gloves, hammer and crowbar is what you should use to take them apart, I forgot the glove part and my hands are still rough. 

The table legs: I found in our scrap wood pile from a old table, so I clean them off and we had to shorten the length, which had to be done at the bottom of the legs. 
note: you can buy standard height legs at Home Depot or build them.

this is 2 out of the 3 before I sanded them 
You really need to sand the boards from a  pallet, they are usually very rough.
wood filler to fill the holes, you can skip this is you want a super rugged look
Just apply a lot and I dont smooth it out I leave a big glop and sand over it when its dry
Lay out the boards with the side you want down
I didn't get pictures because my other half came in and started taking over before I could get my camera. He only helped a little, and hooked up the nail gun.

I took smaller boards from another pallet for the sides, and had scrap wood for the ends and for support for the legs. We nailed 3 boards on the underside, cut to fit for support for the table top.

this is what the legs looked like when I found them
This is how the legs are attached, the side board is nail into the legs and the side of the table and there's piece of wood in between them for added support. 
We used a nail gun for everything and then i put screws for the legs for extra durability, also used wood glue before nailing the pieces, except in between the boards for the top, I wanted it to be spaced apart a little bit.

I wish I took better step by step directions, maybe I'll have to make another one.

Here it is done but not stained yet

Here it is completed

I used Minwax water based stain in Slate, this way you can still see all the beautiful wood grains and rough spots.
I used my blue opps paint, and a antique glaze on the legs.

I painted under the table the same color as the legs
I used a brush to apply the stain all over and then rubbed it in with a cotton cloth. I only did 2 coats. I didnt want it to be too dark. 
And the blue adds a nice pop of color

I'm really proud of myself for putting this table together, I really did it on a whim, I didn't even draw out a design first. 

I recycled old wood into something fabulous! 

I'm grateful for the help from my man and for him bringing all those pallets and scrap wood home. 

cost for this pallet table
$2 for wood screws
$10 for stain
$9 for sealer
everything else..already owned!
total =  $21.00

Have any questions...email me

Tomorrow i will show off my crate on wheels to go under this pallet sofa table

Also would like to note:

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