Laundry Room Revamp

Well I reached my goal today, which was to finish the laundry room, clean it and put everything back and take photos.

The only thing not done is my light fixture and someway of hiding the cords, if you have a great idea on that help me out.....its not a pretty sight to see those chunky cords and outlets.

You can see my old post on my laundry room here

Here is a before and after 

and the other side

On a whim I decided to paint my laundry room, having a few gallons of different colors sitting in the basement I thought I should just use one of those instead of buying anymore paint.
I had a blue oops paint, it has no name but for $5 from the depot I figured I could make it look good?

And yes my dryer is taller then my washing machine, the matching one is still in the garage awaiting to be with its brother. Who knows when that will happen.

Previously I made those curtains for the shelves to hide the clutter but I might change them because now it seems to be to much blue.
I added the bright red mirror to add the pop of a fun color and you can see my post on that here.

On to the stripes
I never painted stripes on a wall before and always intrigued by other striped walls so I thought I'd give it a shot in here, plus the wall is so small it wouldn't take a lot of time. It wasn't tough at all, I took my long leveler and a pencil and traced lines, I made the blue stripes wider then the white. 
Did I mention I painted my whole laundry room in one day? I just touched up the white on the next day. 

On to the little things
since this was on the blue strip I decided to paint it to match and not just because I accidentally painted on it but thought it was a pretty good idea. I also took the hardware out and place them on to  cardboard box by screwing in the hardware and spray painted with a blue that kind of matched, we had it on hand. 

I use it to hold my cleaning stuff
my sorting hampers and the drying rack I bought from Ikea a long time ago, I use it all the time, now they only sell it in white metal.

This shelf was added in between the shelves a while ago and I painted it in Aqua smoke by behr and the inside of the shelves. 
Some simple art with yellow hues and clearance frames that were $1.99

I painted them in a sample size Sharkey Gray by Martha Stewart paints.

I picked up these canisters for cheap at Walmart. I bought the letter stickers at the craft store on clearance for .99 cents. The clean canister is holding laundry baking soda, it really does help clean the clothes better when added to detergent.
Do you see the cute trim? I picked that up at the craft store and used the nail gun to add it to the bottom of the shelves and painted it white. 

W= washing
I picked up the letter at the Restoration Hardware outlet store of $1.29, yeah it was originally $17. I found it in the kids section it was pink and brown.
here is a picture after I primed it.

this fabric is hiding this
Great for storage and cheap
This is why I made curtains, but I really thing 2 panels for each shelf would be better.
So that's it for now...I cant wait till I get to share my light fixture....if it works out

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