Laundry rooms and cute wallpaper

So this week is working on my laundry room and updating it a bit. I was even thinking of painting it, I have a lovely light blue gallon of paint I picked up a month ago for $5 in the opps section at the depot. I haven't even open it so maybe I should just use it for the room.

My laundry room needs organization and a major clean out of items I dont use, which my family is doing a big yardsale soon and I'm hoping to get rid of a lot of stuff.

I have a small laundry room so it really needs to be simple and clean looking, there are no windows as well so new lighting is a must. I do love the look of a chandelier, but anything pretty will do.

I found this on this website called fine home building, although my laundry room isn't that small this is a perfect idea for others out there looking to find a neat solution to easily hide there washer, dryer and cleaning supplies.

I do love this blue tone laundry room and look at the light fixture. I found this on cameras and chaos

and this is a fun laundry room
I cant wait to get front loaders someday. Look at the wallpaper it really looks all put together.

Speaking of wallpaper I love this one company called hermitage is a home.

this is my favorite
there's 2 choices
they really do look like wood, and I see a lot of creativeness with this wallpaper being used on furniture. Its very expensive.

I also saw this on there site
tile wallpaper, they have a few choices and it really does look like tile, that's why there wallpaper is pricey because of its quality.

Urban Outfitter's and Anthropologie have a nice selection of very interesting and pretty wallpaper, prices vary but some are a decent price.

the pictures are a bit fuzzy.

I have never used wallpaper, but I think on a accent wall it can look lovely, I could totally see my tall living room wall with the wood wallpaper.
with dark wooden floors of course!

Have you used wallpaper or would you give it a try?