New Headboard From Ikea

I know I go to Ikea like every other week, this time my sister needed to get a desk and a few other things so I was going more for her even thought I suggested it.

I picked up a few things, some glasses for the kitchen, I break them a lot, a salad spinner, I'm always making salad so that was needed, I also got a really cute pillow and cover in the as is section for $5.

This was my best buy

The BADALEN headboard, I got this for $30.00! I know foam is expensive so this is cheaper then making my own, plus the fabric can easily be removed and I can add make a new cover, which I'm planning on do that because ti wont go with what I want for our room.

They only had 5 left so once there gone there gone. 

Here it is up

My good pillowcases are in the wash.

I had to put it up right away even though it will get moved when we makeover or room, hopefully soon.

My laundry room is almost complete....working on the light fixture....the shade I bought to use and tried something different with ti...didn't work out so now I need to figure out something else.