Pallet Crate on wheels

With some left over pallet boards I wanted to make something rustic for under my new pallet 

table so I thought maybe a crate. Then I went on Ana Whites website and found a plan on

crates made from pallets...I didn't follow her measurements or how they made the sides, I

had to make it fit under the table and use what i had on hand. So I drew out my own design.

this is mine

this is hers

This is how I made mine

It might be hard to tell everything blends together here, this is our miter saw workbench, so we can cut long pieces of wood and my other half built it, hes very handy.
I sanded the pieces and measured and marked them with a pencil, then I cut them with the miter saw.....I'm a lot more comfortable using it after getting lesson with my teacher (my man) which basically was him doing it and telling me what not to do so I dont cut my fingers off.

{this is a photo of it upside down}

once I cut them I place the bottom pieces with the spacing apart and the two top sides and nailed them together, (I tuner it upside down to do this) I used nails at first and eventually when the other half came home he hooked up the nail gun for me to use...much easier. Then the long sides went up and then

I made 4 post for the corners so you can easily add the boards and nail them to the post

I wasn't actually nailing while taking this photo, for safety reasons.

I also spaced them apart, and used a thin piece of wood to put in place while I nailed so the spacing was the same for each piece.

And here it is after putting the rest of the boards up

I did not fill any holes, I'm keeping it very rustic......or maybe I was to lazy.

The inside

I was trying to go for the "recycled" look like on Ana white's but I only had large lower case stencils and the Y did not fit to good. But I decided to leave it. After I let the paint dry, I used black chalkboard paint, and sanded it down to wear it out.

I bought a simple 4 pack wheels the the Depot and screwed them on

side shot

Our pup Zoey likes to be in all of the pictures...typical girl

I'm also going to make rope handles, as soon as I get the rope!

So I had fun building this, and I think making these smaller for shelves would be nice to, you could even paint them, I didn't use any sealer or anything, just sanded to be smooth.  Don't forget to check out Ana White's site, she has great furniture plans.....even  a plan on building parson favorite is the picnic style table without the bench.

What would you want to build?

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