Pedestal Table Renovation:

I promised to post this today, I've had this sitting in my living room for a long time now but wasn't sure If I wanted to keep it the way it was finished now or change it up a bit some more.The base of it anyways.

I kind of struggled with what I wanted to do with it from the beginning. I kept it simple because I wanted fun chairs/stools and didn't want it to match to much.
But as I always tell myself "I can change it later on" but I wont change the top, I sanded and stained it about 6 times to get the dark look, and did 3 coats of polyurethane.
I used Stonington Gray by BM for the base. 

Here is the Before and After
I paid $14.99 for this table and it was beat up and peeling, It was a quick fix and I knew it would be the perfect fit in our living room. The kids and I love to play board games, and this table can hold a game and everyone can reach around it! 
I also had a hard time finding seating for it, I have a set of chairs in the basement waiting for perfection, but I wanted to sell them and I also didn't want anything to bulky, I wanted to go more for stools, anyway I do have 2 new stools but I wont show those off just yet. 

on to more photos.

I used Minwax stain in dark walnut, but had to do several coast to achieve a dark look
Up close of the beauty marks
There were also a lot of cracks, but I didn't fill anything in, love it the way it is
I only did 2 coats of the Stonington Gray by Bm on the base and no sealer top coat, only for the top.I do the this color but it comes out very light on furniture then on my bedroom walls. I put some on my walls to see and its dark. I also used this for my kitchen table and with the polly it came out green.

Its also really heavy duty.

I cant wait to show you my new creation, but that will be tomorrow...hopefully.

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