Project: Get Organize and Get Simple week {1}

Today I start my new project, a project that I'm not very good at but I need to be and its now spring and its time to get organize and simple.

Every Monday starting today I share with you what room I'm tackling and then on the next Monday I will give updates on that room and start a new room. 
I want to have my house organize and simple by June 1st, this way I can enjoy my summer months with the kids and the dog and maybe also be able to find those things I can never find.

I've been planning this project for that past couple of weeks and I though I will get it done if I promise to show my blogging friends. 

Maybe you guys will want to get motivated on cleaning and organizing your homes.

So this week my room is my Kitchen, the outside is pretty organize, but its whats inside the cabinets that not.

{ I do need to de-cluttered the counter top}

Organize the plates/bowl cabinet, get rid of some chipped plates and get some new plate as well.

and the pantry needs some organize solutions

So next Monday I will post pictures of what I've done to organize the kitchen.

What part of your home do you want to start organizing first? 

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