Project: Get Organize and Get Simple week {2}

Time again for my Get organize and get simple project update, although I did a lot of little things around my kitchen there is a lot more I want to do.

I also worked on my pallet cube wall shelf and well that didn't work out so well. I was almost done building it and wanted to show my guy and he came and looked and tried lifting it up and said its to heavy! I was not happy, and couldn't believe I didn't realize it was to heavy.....ugh. So we took the hand saw and cut were it was attached and made two small cube wall shelves.

He said he could get me some different kind of wood that is rough like pallet wood and much lighter. See the pallets I used ,the wood is oak and its heavy but I didn't think it would get that heavy. Now I'm not sure if I'm going to just get the wood hes talking about and make a new one and use the ones I just made for something else because I did put a lot of work into it. So I was hoping to have it done but oh well, not everything can work out I guess, but I will post how I made then later this week. If I decide to build a different one with different materials I will defiantly post that as well.

Now lets get to my organizing and cleaning in kitchen
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The first thing I did was making a organizer for the utensils
just using scrap wood sitting around the workshop and sample paint.
I was using a plastic one from Ikea and it was broken and everything was overflowing and getting mixed together.

I measured and went down to my workshop and cut my pieces of scrap wood, then I ran back upstairs made sure it would all fit and went back downstairs and nailed it together.

Then I painted it with some sample paint I had on hand and while that was drying I cleaned out the drawer lined it with some canvas fabric, I plan on doing something different for the liner, I cant stand the contact paper though, its to much work and it attracts bugs...eww.

I used a light blue paint
Now the forks cant spill over into the spoons. I want to do this to a few other drawers, and make those sliding trays to hold the pots and pans so i can just pull it out and get what I want instead of digging for it.

I cleaned out my pantry and tried to organize it, we just have way to much in there.

I bought these metal bins on clearance at Target and have one for the bread and one for the chips. I printed tags of this page creature comforts blog and cut them out, then used laminating sheets to laminate them. I found small rings from my beading stash and attached them to the bins. 

My next area was the cabinet with all the dishes

When I went to Ikea last week I picked up a shelf for $1.99 and brackets at 50 cents each. I wanted to see if I could get the shelf into the cabinet to hold plates, and it fit perfectly.

here it is before
 {minus the clean dishes in the dishwasher}
and after

The shelf is a dark wood look so I lighten it up with simple paper from my collection of scrapbook paper. 

I did however forget to take the stickers of the brackets.

I'd like to paint the inside of the cabinets also.  For now some canvas fabric to lighten it up.

I de-cluttered the counter top a little bit, we dont have a lot of cabinet space so some things need to be left out.

My magnetic knife holder is my favorite thing, I got a lot of more space when I bought it, and got rid of the block knife holders. I picked up the spice rack from Ikea as well, it holds the everyday salt and pepper and a few other spices we use a lot.

I moved my small cookbooks and placed them on top of my pantry along with this cute hand painted box I picked up at Homegoods to hold my recipes.

I hope to add some more cookbooks
The bookend is from Ikea

my favorite cutting board is also from Ikea, $9.99

and this I picked up at Michaels on sale and its now holding random papers and magazines. 

Well That is it, I love my organizer I made for the utensils, it didn't even cost me anything, but I do want to make the pull outs for the cabinets.  

This week room is my laundry room

I really need to organize this room, I also need to get rid of towels, and napkins not being used and just make it more simple.

So I will be busy do that this week and the kids are home for April vacation. 
Tomorrow I need to get outside and clean out my garden, then the the 3 big boys have baseball games. Busy day.

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