Project: Get organized and Simple {Kitchen Organizing Ideas}

I was doing some research for a new project idea that includes pallets

 lucky for me theirs a local company needing to get rid of them

Hopefully I can get them this week. 

I drew up my design already and did measurements, I'd like to make something like this

{pottery barn}
Except bigger cubes to fit my stuff. I want to take down the Ikea shelves in my breakfast nook and put up something that feels more warm and I had a idea of something looking rustic and old and with pallets you can do that.
I think I's even try the number labels.

I also found this
{pottery barn}
Although this is made of metal, I like the back of it, I think putting chicken wire on the back would be interesting.

I love this, I think this is resting on counter top, not sure were I found it either, I just search for images in Google.

My other big thing with our kitchen that I cant stand is the drawers, we really need to make them like this inside

This is a drawer organizer you can buy, I think I'd build them in, it would be cheap and easy as long as you measure right, which sometimes I'm not so good at that.

Here are a few other images that caught my eye when searching for kitchen organize solutions.

If this was my kitchen I dont think I'd want the kids near the shelves. 

I wish I had a pantry like this!

I actually like this metal shelve unit for the kitchen, ex-specially with the white dishes.
Speaking of dishes, we need new ones, most of them are chipped, 
I wouldn't mind a set of these

plates to eat a slice of chocolate cake on, or these for dinner
they are so adorable, these plates are from Anthropologie. So not affordable for me. But what if I made my own look on simple white plates? I've never painted on plates before, or maybe I did in middle school, but I've been thinking that would also be a great idea. 

So thats it for some of my ideas for my kitchen organizing and what not, hope everyone have a wonderful day!

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