Want to make books look cuter?

Since I started placing my cookbooks and some other books on top of my pantry, I didn't really care for they way some of them look. A while ago I picked up about 5 different scrapbook pads for really cheap at the craft store. 

So I decided to cover some of my books with cute paper.

All you need is paper,glue or double sided tape and scissors, a pen if you want to trace the size of the book as well.
The paper is 12 by 12 so I take two pieces and place one on top of the other by the edge.

I try to match it and then turn it over and using double sided tape, or glue to keep it together

This one piece got ripped out when I was taking it out of the book but it doesn't matter for the book I'm covering.

Then place the book over the paper

open the book and fold over the paper and flatten it out and then flip to the other side and do the same

it should look like this
Then trim of the excess paper with scissors.

and you now have a cuter book

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