Chalkboard Love For The Fridge

I love chalkboard and I love how you can pretty much paint anything with chalkboard paint. 

I also like the look and feel of it. 

and that's why I painted my fridge with chalkboard paint.

Here is what it looked like before

A beige color, old and blah

I first saw this photo a while ago that made me want to try it

and this

and I also need to share this although its not chalkboard but its wallpaper 

Some people may think I'm crazy for doing this but its not a brand new fridge and I say if it doesn't work out oh well, we need a new one down the road anyway.
Why do all the work? 
It wasn't much work at all, its sanding, priming, and a few coats of paint.

I should of wrote thicker but I was in a rush to get photos while it was still sunny out.

some spring flower art 

Okay so how I did it

I scuffed it up a bit with a very course sandpaper

Then primed it with one of the best primers
Stix by BM, its pricy but sticks to a variety of surfaces, it only comes in a gallon but you can use it on almost anything, including ceramic tiles.

one coat

two coats
I taped of the handles because I didn't want to bother painting them.

after 24 hours for curing I used this chalkboard paint and had it tinted to "moonstone" 
I wanted to make my own chalkboard paint but I didn't want to buy a box of non sand tile grout for $11 and the paint for $8 when you can buy this for $11.

I did 3 coats of chalkboard paint with almost a day in between and waited 3 days before using chalk on it.

After the 3 days of waiting I took a piece of chalk and rubbed it all over the surface and they cleaned it off with a slightly damp rag.
Then it was ready to be written on!

It will be great for writing things down for me to remember. 

Appointments and special days.

I'm just enjoying it so much now....although who knows how long the fridge is going to last, its really old. 

I'm thinking of doing a chalkboard wall for the kids in there hallway to there rooms, I will make it myself this time. 

What would you paint with chalkboard paint?

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