Diy Wood Tray

Hey everyone! I've been impatiently waiting to share a project, I have a big project to show tomorrow but for today I wanted to share this simple wood tray I made with scrap wood.

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I will also Start my link party tonight hope you will all join in and share your projects and ideas!

In our living room we have a big ottoman for our coffee table, I picked it up a few years ago at Ikea in the As Is section for $40,  I love it except that it gets easily stained and dirty, and you can only dry clean the cover and it took my sister and I to put the cover back on. I'm thinking of a slipcover as soon as I find that right fabric for it.

You also need something on it to hold drinks or food so I was using this big round plastic tray for a while and I really wanted a wood tray. I've seen a few at Pier One Imports and Target but they are to pricy for looking cheap and not real wood.
So the other day I was in my workshop and saw some scrap wood and thought I could totally use it to make a tray. I started measuring and cutting pieces for the bottom.

I placed them together to make sure they were all the same size. 

Then cut a different size piece for the sides.

Then found pieces for the ends, and cut those to fit.

I used a nail gun to attach the long sides to the first piece of wood, and did the same to the other side.

Then I attached the end pieces to all the boards and sides. 

That's it for putting it together

There was no way I'd paint this, I love all the knots and grain so I knew I'd use stain. My sister had my walnut stain but it would be to dark so I went to my local small hardware store and picked up my new favorite stain color from Minwax. Driftwood.  Love love love it. 

I did 2 coats and a coat on the underside.
I used my Minwax finishing wax to make it shiny, smooth and protect it. 

Its not a sunny day here and the color looks different in some pictures but the ones above are what it really does look like. 

I love how I did this on a whim and I'm very very happy with the way it turned out. Although if a drink spills on it it will leak through but I knew that when I was making it. 
As for handles, I was thinking hardware pulls on each end but not sure yet what do you think?

This my new pillow and pillow cover I picked up at Ikea in the As Is section for $2 for the cover and $3 for the pillow form.

I will be sharing this creation at some great parties and you can find them here.