Pallet love and Pinterest

Have you heard of Pinterest? I guess its a site where you can add your favorite photos from the web. Or a place to catalog the things you love.
I noticed in my traffic sources I was getting a lot from a few different profiles on Pinterest so I had to check it out. 
I ended up browsing through pictures for about a hour last night. I found a lot of interesting ones with furniture or shelving built with pallets so I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. 

I love this little reading nook made from a lot of pallets, what I love the most, you dont have to take them apart to make this!

 This as well, I want to make a outdoor couch like this to fit my porch, and you wouldn't need to do much but depending on the pallets you use you might need to add more wood boards.

I like how they place the books in the openings.

or I could make something as simple as this, love the thick striped cushions.

Look at this, you dont need to do much here but add legs.

This table is amazing, I love the legs

What a quick and easy headboard

I love everything about this room, the pallet daybed with the old door behind it, the art work and the paper lanterns, this is a nursery inst it beautiful? She also made a neat light fixture out of a wire basket.

and my last picture is not made from pallets bt I just had to share it, I love this table and the stools.
It seems like a very colorful and happy place to be.
Which is a very pretty blog.

These beautiful pictures really do inspire me to build something with pallets.