What to do with a old electric chandelier?

Well with my old non-working electric chandelier

I turned it into 

A candle chandelier!

I have had this chandelier sitting in my garage for a long time now, my mother gave it to me thinking I'd put it in the dining room but it was old and didn't work and I ended up using something different.

One day I looked at it and pulled it out of the mess and wanted to see if the light bulb holders? Could come off easily and they did.

I pulled them all off and cut the wires. 

Then I hung it on a bungee cord to a tree to spray paint it, I used a primer first, then a glossy white and did about 3 coats, it wasn't easy getting the small arms.

I bought a 40lb ceiling hook and it was easy to instal and hung the chandelier with a new chain I also bought from Lowes.

The candles I picked up from Ikea yesterday, I used my hot glue gun to make sure they would stay in snug. 

I always wanted a candle chandelier over my bathtub!

I love how it makes the bathroom a little bit more fun now!

I do wish the sun were out for better photos, but I couldn't wait to share my makeover!

This project cost me less then $20!

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