Cottages, beach houses & oh my

Oh how I would love to have my own beach house, cottage, lake house or even a boat house someday. 

I just watched almost all of the new HGTV show Sarah's Summer House....I'm actually watching it now while I'm writing this watching equals less commercials.

Here are some photos from her amazing beach house on a island....yes she has her own island. 

I love how she white washed all the pine, before it looked more wood cabin then beach house.
Your going to want to start watching this if you haven't all ready.

Photos via here

Now here are some fabulous photos I found and must share with you

small cottages

This is one of those tiny Texas home....good for a single person.

Beach houses


amazing cottage beach home

nice size beach home

so cute
a inside of a beach the metal chairs and table

I know its a small photo but love the built in bunks 

Lake Houses

yep that is a boat house

Houses right on the water

or a store? Oh well its to cute not to share

I love this one.

Well I hope you enjoyed these photos, I'm sure it will make you want a beach, lake or house on the water?