Curtains For the Porch

This weekend we put up the curtain wire and my sheer curtains from Ikea. I'm very happy with the outcome and they worked very well for keeping the bugs at bay. 

Before curtains
I need a special cleaner to get rid of the algae of the walls and floors. We also need to repair some boards on the floor.

I still have a lot more to do with this porch, but can only do a little at a time.

I will be replacing the plastic flower boxes with wood ones soon. 

I had to use to curtain wire sets from Ikea so go all away around but they were very easy to put up. 

I took the kids to a local small lake to try out today to see if a summer pass would be worth it and it was, the kids had so much fun and barely got out of the water, now they are all relaxed and tired. We need to do this more often.

Now I need to work on my bar/server.

Have a lovely day!