How I built my shelf made from pallets

This wont be the best tutorial, not the best photos either. 

I also will tell you the way it looks in my bathroom now is not how I wanted to built it.

I took apart some pallets. I took the nails out and washed the wood down. Then I brought it to my workshop and sanded the boards down. 

I drew up my plans days before, so I just needed to measure the wood and make my marks then I cut using my miter saw.

I did not take a photo when I firs started putting it together, its not easy remembering to take photos while building. Now I have my tripod it will be easier.

I used the nail gun and glue for attaching the pieces together.

This is after I put the first layer together. I was going for a wider cube shelf and I'll tell you why it didn't work out later.

putting the corners together was easy.

I was going for the spaced apart look on purpose.

please pardon my cluttered background.
I attached the small pieces of wood to hold the shelf boards while nailing, eventually I can take them out. 

I attached my first board for the cube shelves and nailed on the outside.
Then added the middle pieces to make it cube.......I was really going for this vintage/farmhouse cube shelf for the kitchen. 
Nailed on the top and bottom, 
Nailed in more pieces for the sides.
The hard part was doing the middle shelving which I regret not having photos, but you basically have to nail the middle pieces for the cube shelving at a angle, without going through the wood.

So this is were I was when I was so thrilled with my so far project I made my guy come down to look at it. 

He looked at it, and within one minuet he said it looks to heavy. 

He was right, it was really heavy. Why....because the pallet wood was all oak, and its heavy. So I ended it up cutting it in half which was easy and finished the top shelving and that was it,. 
Now I have two of them, not sure what I will do with the other one yet. 

But I do like having one in the bathroom, the blank wall was getting boring.
I didn't use any kind of finish, just sanded the wood and left it as is.

I added it more decor and change it around a bit since these photos.

So I hope you enjoyed my not so good of a tutorial.

I promise to take more photos when building.