New Curtains in the breakfast nook

I put them up this morning. Its raining please excuse the dark photos.
I put the hardware up yesterday for the rods which made it easier.

Before curtains

You can read about these curtains and where I bought them on a previous post here.

These are the original curtain rods my mother gave me a long time ago. They were not long enough and I wanted to be able to have the curtains pulled to the sides and not cover the window when I want light to come through.

To the right are the 1 1/8 inch dowels I bought at the depot, they were 8 inches longer so they were perfect.

To paint them white I brought them down to my workshop and put screws in a scrap piece of wood. Then put holes in the ends of the dowels which they need them anyway for the finials.
Then I place the dowels on the screws to make painting easier.
Once they were dried overnight I used Minwax finishing polish on them for a protective layer and help the curtains slide easier.

After staring at my curtains for a bit I realized the rod to the left wasn't straight, so I just fixed it now.

 I made the curtains to just barely hit the floor, as the kitchen being the dirtiest place in the house and thank goodness that these curtains can be washed in the washing machine. 
All I did was cut the tabs off and folded over the fabric and sewed. 

Now I'm working on painting the 4 new chairs and my plans for the new table top. 

Here is my hutch with my new metal Y letter I bought from Restoration Outlet for $1.49, on top of the hutch is a wire utensil and napkin holder that I will use for parties. 
Hope you enjoyed my new curtains!