Over the weekend

I went to IKEA again. I'm obsessed. But I only spent under 2 hours in the store so I was proud about that. Last time I went with my sister we were there over 4 hours. 

I went for a reason this time. I needed curtains for the kitchen (breakfast nook) window and this is what I got. 

But I also stopped at a yard-sale on the way and I found a tripod for my camera and was really excited for that. I picked it up for 5 bucks!!!! 

IKEA's famous Lenda curtains. These are $14.99 for a pair and they come in big sizes. I used them in my dining room (please excuse my photos, It was when I first started blogging) .
I'm not a fan of the tab top so I will cut those off and hem over the edges.

I already started working on my curtain rods for the kitchen, the originally wood ones I had were not long enough so I went to the depot and picked up 1 1/8 inch dowels.

I also bought these curtains.
LILL Pair of curtains, they cost $4.99 a pair and there sheer 100% polyester. Perfect material for porch curtains. Also very affordable.

I bought the Dignitet curtain wire for the porch. This was $12.99 for 197 inches of length. This might make it around the porch. I bought 2 just in case. 

I picked up a few summer items and of course checked out the AS-IS section but didn't find anything interesting.

I stopped at Restoration Hardware outlet store and bought this cute wire letter Y for $1.49 and some original BRIWAX for $10 bucks.

It was a good shopping day.

I also want to share some neat photos with great ideas using mason jars I saw them over at this wonderful blog  Blue Velvet Chair

I wish I had a fence to hang mason jars.

This is a really awesome idea

I could see this being outside for the potting bench, or a bar/server, holding some straws and napkins?

and of course a great use for a pendant light

You can see some more great photos on her blog. 

Did you see my chevron dresser yet?