Shelf Made From Pallets

I'm finally posting my pallet shelf! Okay so this has been done and finished for a while now I just have been sidetracked bu other things. Plus I hung it up on my half-bathroom and its so dark and no nature light comes in so it wasn't easy to get good photos.

I will have a tutorial on how I put this together soon.

I picked up another one of these cute wooden bins and it had "blossom" written on it, not my thing so I painted it with chalkboard paint while I was painting my fridge.

I pretty much used what i had around the house to decorate it for photos, I like having all the white decor. 

I used some old glass my guy found in the woods.
The picture frames were a dark brown, I mixed a bright white and almond color to get a more creamy white.
The photos inside are pictures I found of old cameras, not a typical thing you find in a bathroom but I liked them a lot.

I have two sets of these birds now.

So for another time I will write a post on how I made this and what I used to hang it up. 

I forgot to mention earlier here in Mass we had  tornadoes in Springfield area and warnings through-out. Scary thunderstorms and hail.
This is a very unlikely thing to happen , as we have lots of hills and what not.
I just couldn't believe the thunder it was so loud our house shook!

Note: My link Party starts tonight!