Summer mantel

Our mantel is always a decorating issue, its not wide so you can fit big items on it, and there isn't much wall space. I'd actually love to have a bigger mirror someday, I'm always looking for one at yard-sales and thrift stores. 

I like the look off pictures leaning against the wall so I placed my bird art against a painted chevron lines on a canvas I had lying around.
I didnt feel like making lines myself so I found this website where you can print a chevron design. I printed it on thick cardstock and cut out the white to make it into a stencil. 

I used a aqua blue and a sun yellow paint. 

I used bright blue designer thumb-tacks to hold the banner in place.
I was also debating on painting the lanterns...

I picked these up at Target a few years ago for cheap, I love them, I used to have them outside on the table.

I also switched my pillows around on my chase lounge. 

The wintery look

Switch the pillows around and you get a fresh white pillow and a floral with lime green and blues. This is why I love using different fabrics on a pillow.

What summer decorating have you done?

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