With love & labor = Chevron Dresser

With a lot of love and labor I completed the dresser.


I should of took photos of the drawers in but I wasn't thinking.

I love the modernness of this dresser but its also a old piece.

I love that it didn't need knobs also. That is how I knew this would be the perfect piece for chevron design.
My favorite part of this dresser is those legs. When I first got this I didn't know it had them because they were in one of the drawers.

The top two drawers are smaller then the bottom three so it gave me some difficulty with marking the lines so I decided to have it different and that is why there is that space. But I also think it makes it look unique.

For the paint colors I used of course a oops paint I had in a gray color, sometimes it can look purple. I used a creamy white to keep it neutral and light.

Making the chevron lines took the longest. My guy even helped me one night which was great. 

I painted the inside of the drawers the same gray. 
I thought about wallpaper, fabric and I just didn't want to deal with making the right cuts, since I'm awful at cutting so painting the inside was my best option. 

Here are the imperfections

For some reason there were holes in the drawer bottoms. This is what you get when you have old furniture.

I'll be touching these up this weekend.

I went through a lot of frog tape on this job. 

I also dropped my camera the other day....and lately noticing in the corners of all of my photos are blurry..not good...my guy just bought me this for Christmas.

Now my other problem is I'm suppose to sell this piece...but I'm not sure yet.....

I will be linking to many great link parties, you can find where I party here