Lanterns For The Porch

Over the weekend we went to a big party and I brought a old time favorite, macaroni salad, and I made brownies from scratch.,I will write a post on that later this week.

Sunday I started coating my boards with a outdoor sealer from Minwax, maybe I will be able to finish my outdoor bar server this weekend.

Today We spent all day at the lake and it was lovely. 

Friday I hung these up on my porch.

I picked up 3 for a $1.50, but I cut the shells off. I think I might see if they have more or use something different and add a few more to make a cluster of them. 

Here is a photo I found that has a cluster of lanterns hanging. 

Here is mine

One of my candle holders for the blue jar is missing, I hope its in the house somewhere, otherwise I'll stick a glass tea light holder in the lantern. 

I still have so much more I want to do...

I have a hard time deciding on a just a few photos. 

What did you do this weekend?