Laundry Room Lighting

Remember I bought this light fixture from Ikea? 

I paid under $20 for it in the as-is section

 My guy finally put it up!

I took different photos with my camera so I could show you what it looks like.
It is very bright and I needed that for this room.

We did however have to change the fixture a bit to make sure it wasn't to long.
I knew we could do it because I saw over at the House Of Smiths that they did it to there light. 

I do believe my laundry room is the most glamorous room in the house now.

I'm in love with it now! It was a surprise also when I came home from the yard-sale I went to get my net-book which was sitting in the laundry room and I turned the light on but it wasn't working so when I looked up I saw my new light. He didn't know I had the bulbs on stock.

I wish I could get photos of it with natural light but unfortunately this is the dark hall in the house.

Before Light

With Light