OutdoorTable Ideas

I'm working on my outdoor bard server right now. Once that is complete I'm going to move on to my next project, and maybe I might even get a few things done before summer is over. 

One of my plans is to make a canopy for the patio, I have my dads old pop up canopy base and all I need to do is spray paint it and make a cover with drop cloth and maybe even paint it? I also think adding curtains to the side would be nice like the shear ones on my porch. 

My big project idea is building a long outdoor table. 

I want a table that is long to fit a good amount of people around it, not to wide either. 

I'm thinking using wide cedar boards.

I have two old picnic table benches that I want to use with it and add some mismatch wood chair, which I'm on the search for now.

Here are a few photos that have outdoor table I like. 

I wish I could find chairs like this!

This is cute but to small

I'd like one of these in our backyard, is he included? j/k
Look at this outdoor shower!

All photos are via Pinterest, for some reason it wont let me copy the link location but you can find the photos on my page.